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Red Dawn V - 03/15/2015 - CPX

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  • Red Dawn V - 03/15/2015 - CPX

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    The Story:

    During the height of the cold war, NATO members withdrew their membership leaving America to stand on their own against the Warsaw pact countries that are quickly expanding their influence across the globe. On a September morning the small town of Calumet Co. is the drop zone for elite Soviet paratroopers who quickly overrun the town and seize control of all civil activities. We come to learn that along with the Soviet paratroopers, Cuban forces have aligned themselves with the USSR for an all-out invasion of America. Teenagers, still in high school, take to the mountainous region surrounding their town and after about a month of hiding out; accidentally provoke hostile actions against the invading forces. Once this happens, all hell breaks loose. The kids, who call themselves "Wolverines" (based off their high school mascot and lead by a former student and quarterback) are wanted as terrorists and start actively fighting back using guerrilla tactics. They soon learn that they are very good at it.


    Challenge Park Extreme
    2903 Schweitzer Rd
    Joliet, IL 60436


    March 15th, 2015


    USA: Tan & ACU
    Desert Marpat

    USSR: Green


    Wolverines: Civilian Clothing

    * You may NOT wear patterns identified from both teams, I.E. an ACU shirt with Woodland pants.
    **Multicam will be a FLEX pattern and will require use of colored armband (provided)


    $35 per player

    Registration includes:

    Whole day pass to the event
    Free parking
    One raffle ticket (extras can be purchased on the spot)
    Use of props

    Food will be available at the park for purchase.


    08:00 – Registration/Chrono
    10:00 - Safety Briefing
    10:30 – Game Play Starts
    16:00 - Final Battle
    17:30 - Raffle / Game Over

    Gameplay schedule might change due to extreme weather conditions.

    General Restrictions:

    Under 16 must be accompanied by parent or guardian
    Under 18 must have a waiver signed by parent or guardian
    All participants required to sign waivers and media release forms.
    Full Seal ANSI-rated goggles with straps are required
    Full paintball mask for players under 18 years of age. No Exceptions.
    All AEG/Pistols/Shotguns - Under 400fps with .2 gram BBs
    HPA - Under 1.6 Joules with 0.25g BBs / RPS max limit is 30
    Sniper rifles - Under 550fps with .2 gram BBs. Cannot engage under 100ft.
    Drum and Box mags only allowed on designated weapons
    Air operated systems must have a tournament lock
    Barrel Covers are required outside of playing area at all times. No Exceptions.

    Special Rules may apply due to specific game type scenarios

    Ammo restriction
    Uniform requirements
    Medic Rules
    Prop usage

    Ammo Restrictions:

    Drum and Box mags only allowed on designated weapons
    One Hi-Cap magazine per participant
    No limit on Mid-Cap magazines
    Only park approved smoke grenades can be used during the game. They will be available for sale at the day of the event. No outside smoke product is allowed and regulations will be strictly enforced for safety reasons.

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    Where are the rules for DMR's?